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31 August 18:00

Diablo III: Invitation
from the Necromancer

Blizzard is looking for a brave soul who wants to experience Diablo III in a hauntingly unique way:

Alone… the dark forests of Jämtland… a haunted house.

If you are a Diablo fan, you are hereby invited to apply for the opportunity to spend a chilling night in Borgvattnet’s rectory — allegedly one of the most haunted houses in Sweden — while playing the new Necromancer hero class and live-streaming your adventures via Twitch.

Your application should include an explanation of why you should be chosen and a description of your previous adventures in Sanctuary.

All applicants are expected to be well versed in the Diablo universe, comfortable with hosting an online video stream, and be physically and mentally fit for the ordeal. You will be playing on a PC. Applicants must be 18 or older to participate.  

Please note that The Haunted Experience is not for the faint of heart. Only the bravest souls should heed the call of the Necromancer…

The application closes on July 30 . Good luck Nephalem.

Expenses including travel, meals, and lodging will be covered by Blizzard. If you are selected for the experience you need to be available on August 31, be fit for travel, and must confirm that you are physically and mentally sound prior to the start of the activity. Participation in the activity is unpaid.